Being truly good at anything means not just doing that thing: it means thinking about it, all the time. This is especially true for web development: because the field is moving so fast, simply sitting at a computer doing the work barely allows the developer to keep pace. To get ahead, you have to spend time researching and thinking, considering new best practices, technologies, and perspectives.

One of the best ways I’ve found to achieve this is listening to web development podcasts while I’m cycling to work, doing household chores, or walking between classes. In the two years since my last review, several of my favourite podcasts have foundered or faded away, but they’ve been replaced by new shows. My daily web development playlist now includes:

A city skyline reflected upside-down in a glass ball

In previous years I’ve covered sites that provide free legal images for use in site design. 2016 is no exception, with several more significant photo / illustration sites coming to my attention. One important criteria for inclusion on this list was ease-of-use: many have integrated search, and none require a login or registration.