Photograph of the shoreline at Stanley Bay, in Devonport, North Shore City, New Zealand

Today I leave for my home country of New Zealand, where I will be staying for the next month. The trip is partly to see family, partly for rest and recuperation, but mostly for the opportunity to conduct initial research and writing on a new book. This one happens to be about my father and his crew: if you’ve ever Googled “Dudley Storey” and been confused by the fact that one of the top results is for an Olympic medalist and sportsman, wonder no more: that is my father, with whom I share my name and a few other things.

As a result, site updates will be a little different over the next month: less frequent (you can expect two articles a week, rather than three or four) and occasionally more personal. If you bear with me, things will be back to normal by late July. ☺

Photograph by Chris Gin, licensed under Creative Commons.

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