It’s been two years since I started listening to web development podcasts. In that time, I’ve been interviewed on two of them, added a lot of new sources, and several established podcasts have changed hosts, name, or format. As a result, I thought it was time to provide a fresh overview.


The newest of all the podcasts I’m listening to right now, and quite possibly my favorite to date. Host Garth Braithwaite takes a light approach: he only interviews people he knows personally, introduces them in that context, and asks them just two main questions: what’s the best advice you’ve received in your career, and what advice do you wish you had received when you started?

Short, accessible episodes are available live, on the Goodstuff network a few days after recording, or on iTunes. Listen to the most recent episode with Rachel Nabors, if only to hear her say the word “tricksy”.

On The Grid

The successor to one of my favourite design podcasts, On The Grid continues the conversation of three design students – Matt McInerney, Andy Mangold and Dan Auer – now graduates distributed across the United States and in very different jobs. While not specifically a web design podcast, most of the conversation intersects with the web in a way that is always interesting and insightful. Supplemented by a Reddit group where potential topics can be submitted and upvoted.

Ladies In Tech

The title is a bit of a misnomer: hosts Jenn Lukas and Val Head don’t only interview women, and the show is not just about tech. The podcast runs in short seasons, and each episode is tightly edited to concentrate on just two central questions: how did you start doing web development conferences, and what tips do you have for making presentations better?

The podcast has been excellent for honing my approach to submitting conference talks – one of my goals this semester is to be accepted to present at a major conference – but I’d suggest it for anyone who wants to make presentations.

The Dirt

A podcast from Fresh Tilled Soil, a Boston-based deign company. The series features short, weekly, opinionated episodes that cover changes in the web development and technology spheres. I also really like the sign-off for each episode – “We’ll try to do better next time” – which could be a motto for the entire industry. (I was interviewed on The Dirt in late 2014.)

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