Kalakaua Avenue, Waikiki, Hawaii

In the last four years this blog has covered every aspect of web development. While the navigation system introduced with the latest version of the blog has hopefully improved matters in finding material within a subject, I have never illustrated the skills I discuss here in a single sustained sequence. That will change in the upcoming series, in which I intend to reproduce the entire creation of a website, from the first client meeting to final delivery of the site.

The client, of course, is entirely fictional, as is the website. We shall call him Kai Keanu: a proud native Hawaiian, and the owner of Kanaka Fashion, a boutique on the south shore of Waikiki, along Kalakaua Avenue. Kai employs seven people making high-end Hawaiian shirts and other clothing, with a particular emphasis on local materials and manufacture. We’ll learn more about Mr Keanu in the next article. At this moment, I envision the entire series to consist of at least twenty parts:

  • Introduction
  • Meet The Client
  • Content-First Design
  • Research
  • Creating the Text Content
  • Discussing Design
  • Initial Sketches
  • Negotiating A Contact
  • Tool Selection
  • Setting Up Workflow
  • Design Methodology
  • Creating The Image Content
  • Markup For The Site
  • CSS For The Site
  • Adding Media Queries
  • Crafting A Print Stylesheet
  • Adding SEO
  • Optimizing The Site
  • Final Site Delivery
  • Client Follow-Up
  • Ongoing Maintenance

Along the way I will be supplying all the necessary resources, so you can follow along, or create your own variation of the work, which will be scaled to a sole freelancer. For those familiar with each aspect of site development, I’ll be adding fresh approaches to each article, including information not previously covered in this blog.

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