An invoice is a specification of, and request for, payment for services rendered. Invoices are simple to complete, but just like contracts, they need to communicate expectations clearly and concisely. In the case of invoices, the following information is required:

  1. Contact information for both parties.
  2. An invoice number, if you expect to do repeat business with the client.
  3. Specification of the work completed.
  4. Statement of due date for payment.
  5. Means by which payment will be accepted (usually credit or cash)
  6. Clarification if this is a partial payment for ongoing work.

There are plenty of invoice generators for web developers available, but if you wanted to make your own, a typical invoice would look something like the following. As before, this invoice does not constitute legal or accounting advice, and I have no responsibility for losses or damages incurred.

Invoice No. #001

From: (your name and address)

To: (client's name and address)


Web development
40 hours @ $45 per hour $1,800

20 hours @ $40 per hour $800


The hours billed in this invoice represent 60% of the total estimated work for development of the website for XYZ, per the contract signed on ___(date)___.

Payment by cheque or cash is accepted. Payment is requested within 14 days of receiving this invoice.

With thanks in advance,

(your name)

Be sure to break down the work completed by hours. You should include travel and meeting time if they have been specified as chargeable units in the contract.

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