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“Multimedia” in the context of JavaScript usually means audio and video, which is the focus of this reading list; it’s also important to note that aspects of audio and video are also addressed in the Canvas API reading list and content.

Prerequisites: HTML5 multimedia; Variables, Constants & Arrays; Selectors

Total time: 2 hours


  1. Custom UI Controls
  2. Simple Video Playlist
  3. Automatic Video Playlist
  4. Interactive HTML5 Video

A video source can also be piped to the <canvas> element to achieve visual special effects: see the Video Cross Comparator as one example.


  1. Make a Custom Audio Player, Part 1
  2. Make a Custom Audio Player, Part 2
  3. Make a Custom Audio Player, Part 3
  4. Audio Events

An audio source can also be piped through the Web Audio API for extra-fine control, filtering, and special effects; see the Big Red Party Button article as an example.

Photograph by Rick Schwartz, licensed under Creative Commons

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