After accesskeys and prev/next links, there is one final feature to add to a site to make it fully accessible: the ability for users to skip navigation.

The easiest way to understand the potential need for skip nav link on a site is to hide both images and CSS for the site in question. (You can do this by going into the Web Developer toolbar and replacing images with their alt text (Images / Replace images with alt attributes) and turning off CSS (CSS / Disable all styles).

One of the principles of is that making websites accessible benefits everyone, not only people with differing abilities. In the past, I’ve used the accesskey attribute to enhance forms, but relatively few web developers appreciate that accesskey can also be used on tags other than <label>, most especially links, in a way that benefits both experienced users and those requiring keyboard shortcuts.

There is a loose standard for accesskey values for site site ; 1 is generally used for the Home page, 3 for Site map, 4 for search, 0 for help, etc. These can be added directly to <a> tags in navigation: