Dudley Storey

Dudley Storey

I’m teacher, writer, designer, craftsman and avid cyclist living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My passion is web development and design, which I’ve taught for the last 15 years. I’m also a contributing editor at Smashing Magazine, and have created several web apps and tools.

I originally created this site as a class resource, but its scope is far greater than that now: as the complexity and power of the web continues to grow, so do the articles here.



The site uses a number of conventions to help anyone learn web development:

  • Articles have logical "next" and "previous" links at the end (on widescreen displays, at the extreme left and right).
  • Articles often link to related CodePen repos, where the live code can be inspected and modified for further learning.
  • Most articles link to broader reading lists of related material. Reading lists also contain goals, exercises, and further resources.
  • In many cases these topics are collated into complete reading lists on a particular subject, such as HTML and CSS. These curated lists are designed for dedicated, full-time study. Reading lists only appear when enough material exists; some subjects, such as and , are still in development.
  • Most articles have a meter indicating the difficulty of the material inside:
    1 ~ 4: Beginner material. Articles ranked at 3 or 4 will usually require some previous knowledge.
    5 ~ 8: Intermediate material. The content will require strong understanding of the topic.
    9 ~ 10: Advanced material: extremely cutting-edge, with very little background explanation provided.
  • Code samples are also color-coded for clarity:
    Markup: HTML, SVG
    <html lang="en">
    body { box-sizing: border-box; }
    @mixin setBgColorAndHover($baseColor) {
    var forEach = function (array, callback, scope) {
    <? echo "PHP" ?>


This site follows WAIS 2.0 standards for accessibility, with ARIA roles used for sections. Shortcut keys are:

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In addition to this site, I also write for:

Other Writing

Smashing Magazine

Cover of issue 249 of net magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine

  • “Ask A Geek” column, February 2015


  • My work style and environment was profiled in April 2015.

net Magazine

A Student’s Guide To Web Design


Shop Talk Show

The Dirt

SVG Immersion


Photograph of Dudley Storey standing in front of a projector with the words Bad Boy on it


  • The New Defaults: a Sass color keyword system for designers. Replaces CSS defaults with improved hues and more memorable, relevant color names.
  • CSSSlidy: An auto-generated responsive image slider, written in pure JavaScript and using generated CSS animations for smooth performance.
  • tipster.io: A web app that provides tipping rates for every location in the world.

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This is a web development blog that highlights cutting-edge techniques and technologies; as such, it does not attempt to support older browsers that lack compatibility with web standards. As a general rule, the last three versions of any browser are supported: this means that IE 9 and earlier are not catered to.

Mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry, are also supported, assuming they have recent software.

If you have an up-to-date browser or device and believe you’ve spotted an error, I’d very much appreciate receiving notication. Similarly, please contact me or leave a comment in an appropriate article if you have a feature request or suggestion.


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The site is hosted at Digital Ocean, with a Git repository on Bitbucket.

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I’ve left a “maximized”, commented version of the site’s original Sass files as a .zip archive.

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This site does not host or accept advertising, “link exchanges” or other promotion, although I do occasionally add Amazon affiliate links on products featured in articles. If you have a product, , or service that you'd like me to review, please contact me. Note that I do not accept payment for reviews; similarly, I do not publish material written by contributors (as much as such offers are appreciated).

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As the site does not take advertising, bandwidth and server costs are supported by generous donations to my Patreon account from readers like you.

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