AMD Zen Processors
Name Speed Cores Threads Price
SR7 3.5Ghz 8 16 $499
SR7 3.2GHz 8 16 $349
SR5 3GHz 6 12 $250

Adding and removing items from a shopping list is a very common UI pattern, one often accomplished with a framework (or two, or three…). This week I realised that the pattern could be achieved using CSS and vanilla JavaScript

Presenting every visitor to your site with a random quote is a popular way to personalize a user’s experience. Often the quotes are stored in an external file, but if the corpus is relatively small - a dozen entries or less - it’s more efficient to store them directly the page, within their own script:

The Boxer

Well, a man had only so many fights in him, to begin with. It was the iron law of the game. One man might have a hundred hard fights in him, another man only twenty; each, according to the make of him and the quality of his fiber, had a definite number, and when he had fought them he was done. Yes, he had had more fights in him than most of them, and he had had far more than his share of the hard, grueling fights.

Recently a number of sites, including Bioware’s promotional page for Mass Effect Andromeda and Active Theory’s work for Under Armour have featured a parallax effect that ties mouse movement to the motion of a page element in the opposite direction. I was interested in recreating the effect using vanilla JavaScript and modern CSS, an example of which you can see above.