Illustration of HAL 9000

Over the last 18 months it’s become increasingly obvious that the relative popularity of this site has made certain sections of it irrelevant, or at least somewhat out-of-place. I don't wish to stop writing, so I’ve come to the decision to divide the blog’s content across three new sites. Nothing will be lost, and each site will offer a new, fresh focus for readers.

Completing this process will take several months, but the first step has already been taken: my occasional writings on movies, games and technology have moved to Links to articles previously published on this site should redirect there. I expect Massive Head Canon will be updated less frequently than this blog; any new articles will be mentioned on my Twitter feed.

Massive Head Canon currently runs on a simple WordPress install in an AWS instance; theming and customization are yet to come. The new site also has Disqus, so you are welcome to leave comments there just as you do here.

The next move will split my travel articles into a new site, to be announced shortly; after that, the content that remains here will be updated to an exciting new look and feel.

Image of HAL 9000 by Javier Ocasio

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