Ana-Maria Triana
Adam Clearihue
Marie-Lyne Richard
Megan Ro
Darren Kent
Fumiko Tanaka
Joel Dauter
Jody Gristwood

In addition to teaching fulltime web development classes, I also teach night courses for continuing education. The constituency of these two groups is quite different: fulltime students are predominantly young (many come directly from high school), enthusiastic, and often lack focus, while night students tend to be mature working professionals. Continuing education students often come to class with very particular goals, which makes teaching them both challenging and rewarding.

Every once in a while I’ll have the pleasure of teaching a cohesive group of night students with a strong design or coding background: print designers making the switch to web, or programmers wanting to learn more about design. The work that comes out of these groups often rivals that of my full-time courses. This past winter was no exception, as you can see above.

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