Hazim Al-Hakeem
Jenelle Buchholz
Jesse Holliston
Kristian Vassilev
Alberto Tolentino-Pineda
Megan Crandall
Rebecca Gould

My current 1st year web development classes are shaping up to be the most talented group I’ve had in several years. Shown above is a personal selection of the best from the A group, with a best-of-B-group article to follow next week.

This year, students had to option of creating a site for a real business, or pages that taught something to the visitor; you’ll see both options represented. I came up with the tutorial option this year, and thought it worked out very well: the process of trying to communicate a complex topic that students were already passionate about helped produce some very good, clear, purposeful work.

While the work was submitted as a SAIT assignment, several students have independently hosted their projects; where appropriate, I’ve linked the pieces above so you can explore their work further.

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