I started this site with the goal of informing and educating my web development students, indulging myself with the occasional personal entry. While students and graduates now constitute a tiny fraction of the site's daily visitors, they remain some of its heaviest users, reading many of the 1000 articles on web development and design.

My students have their own customized course outlines and resources, but I felt it would be useful to have reading lists for everyone that cover each section of web development.

While no section will ever be entirely complete, subjects that are near finished have been wrapped up in categorical reading lists; when enough of those are assembled, they form reading lists for entire areas, like those for HTML, CSS, and responsive design. Subjects that are still under construction, such as and , can be navigated as tags.

Primary links in each article are to resources on this site, with supplementary material – other websites, readings from recommended books – added in. The articles progress from the basics to advanced topics in web development, with your contributions, corrections and suggestions welcome in the comments.

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