A photograph of a card from David PolitiOver the last few weeks I’ve had the good fortune and deep pleasure of having a wide range of contact me. Many have reached with congratulations on the publication of my first web development book; some are interested in continuing their education in one of my upcoming night classes on mobile development, while others have questions or simply wish to drop me a line.

A photograph of the inside of a card from David PolitiAfter 10 years of teaching, the graduate students of my NMPD program have spread around the world: London, Los Angeles, New York, even all the way to New Zealand, the land of my birth. While not everyone enjoyed every class, I believe they all learned from them.

It’s a proud and somewhat bittersweet experience: I delight in the achievements of my graduates, and I’m certain that my current students will succeed in their own ways; each year has fresh faces, while I get steadily older. (On the upside: also wiser)

Pictured, one of the cards I recently received from a grad.

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