Pro CSS3 AnimationMy first book, Pro CSS3 Animation, was published by Apress in November 2013. Writing the book was a tremendous opportunity for me to talk about web animation in a long-read format, exploring aspects and possibilities of CSS3 that are impossible to address in the short span of a blog article. Pro CSS3 Animation quickly covers the basics, and then launches into advanced topics, integrating and enhancing web animation with a full suite of tools and technologies, including SVG, JQuery and responsive design. I’ve very deliberately pushed the content to the limit, so much so that the book ventures into technologies that are only just being supported by browsers in beta. At the same time, I’ve communicated important animation fundamentals that will make every aspect of creative web development work better.

I’ve been ably assisted in creating the book by both the generous staff at Apress and technical advisors from the W3C; determined to give back to the community, I’ve joined the W3C Education working group as a contributor.

If you’re interested, you can order the book from Apress or Amazon.

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