Screenshot of Dummy text generator

I’ve covered lorem ipsum generators twice on this blog, and dummy image generators once before, but the web just keeps generating new tools:

Dummy is the latest and most fully-featured of these, combining the best of both worlds: it generates both placeholder images and dynamic text, and includes code snippet supports for Coda, Sublime Text and TextMate.  It’s free, open source, and the tool I’m most likely to use to generate filler content the next site I develop.

Homer SimpsonRandomText has the handy approach of generating text from a URL query, or from JSON API, while adhesiontext takes the unusual approach of generating filler text from a range of user-defined characters; the latter has a particular specialization in foreign languages.

The scholar in me really likes this set of JavaScript functions that generate filler text from Beowulf in the original Old English. Similarly, Cicero is a Mac OS X dashboard widget that pulls text from the original Lorem ipsum.

If you’re okay with filling your pages with turgid erotic prose, you could use the Fifty Shades of Grey generator. (It should be obvious, but I’ll say it anyway: students, please don’t use this for in-class work).

Finally, a few other theme-based sites: Fillerama draws random quotes and content from the Futurama television series marked up in HTML, while Simpson Ipsum uses The Simpsons.

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