Browser keyboard shortcuts

“Keyboard fast, mouse slow” is one of my personal mantras. Using keyboard shortcuts is always faster than moving a mouse to click on buttons. If you followed all of the shortcuts I recommend here, you’d save yourself an average of five minutes every day, even with casual web use.

These keyboard shortcuts work for both Firefox and Chrome; most of them will also work for Safari, Opera and IE. If you’re a Windows or Linux user, simply substitute CTRL for . I’ve also made a PDF of the keyboard shortcuts for you to download.

The shortcuts above, plus a dozen more, some of them browser-specific:

Keyboard shortcutAction
⌘ + TNew tab
⌘ + LFocus URL bar
⌘ + WClose tab
⌘ + shift + TReopen last closed tab
⌘ + left click on linkOpen link in new tab
⌘ + Shift + left click on link Open link in new focussed tab
⌘ + RRefresh
⌘ + shift + RHard refresh (ignore browser cache)
⌘ + 1Go to first tab
⌘ + 2Go to second tab (also works for 3 - 8)
⌘ + 9Go to last tab
⌘ + plusZoom in
⌘ + minusZoom out
⌘ + [Go back
⌘ + ]Go forward
HomeGo to top of page
EndGo to bottom of page
ReturnStart Google search for term(s) entered in the search bar
⌘ + Shift + ReturnConverts word entered in URL bar to a .com address. (For example, converts ford to
⌘ + UView Page source (Firefox)
⌘ + opt + UView page source (Chrome)
⌘ + FFind on page (works when viewing source code of a web page too!)
⌘ + Shift + IWhile signed into Google in Chrome: take the current URL, placing it in a new gMail document as a fwd
⌘ + Shift + JOpen Error Console in Firefox (useful for simple debugging of JavaScript)
⌘ + DBookmark current page
⌘ + opt + left cursorFocus on the tab to the left
⌘ + opt + right cursorFocus on the tab to the right
Page DownScroll down to next visible section of page
Page UpScroll up to previous visible section of page
⌘ + `Switch between open browser windows

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