Photograph of a lone tree on a green hill against a blue sky. A dirt track leads to the tree.

Every spring this site goes through something of a personality change; this season, especially so.

As the weather warms I tend to put web development somewhat on the back burner, using my vacation time for travelling and recuperation. This year that trend will be enhanced by the fact that the entirety of what I teach in my regular classes is now present in the form of articles here, and I have several Super Secret Projects to complete over the summer (details of which will be shared as I am able).

This does not mean the end of articles, by any means; only that the topics occupying my attention over the next several months will be far more varied, and updates more sporadic. Inevitably that will involve some web development: you can expect a daily report from the An Event Apart conference I will be attending in Boston in June, for example. I am also very aware that there are topics that require additional coverage (most especially JavaScript, , and ), so you can expect more advanced tutorials in those areas. (I would also welcome your suggestions for future articles!)

On the whole, entries here will be far more diverse, and, I hope, even more interesting. If you’ve read this far, I hope you will continue to do so over the next four months.

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