In many respects, is the easiest method of achieving text effects on web pages, across multiple platforms: SVG is supported on all modern browsers, including IE9. The code to create the stroked text above is fairly straighforward:

<svg version="1.1" xmlns=""  viewBox="0 0 500 80">
		text {  
		fill: #e96; font-size:60px;
		font-family: Futura Condensed ExtraBold, Arial Black, sans-serif;
		stroke: black; stroke-width: 2px;
	<text y="60">STROKED SVG TEXT</text>

As you can see, styles within SVG are very similar to the way they are used in HTML. The primary difference at this simple level is that you cannot use color: instead, you use fill. You can also see that outlining the text is much easier than doing so via CSS.

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