A few housekeeping/news items that don’t really fit in tweets or other forms of social media:

You’ll note a new Google “+1” button on the site, for registering your interest in an article on Google+ and with the search engine itself. (Articles you have added via “+1” will tend to come up top in your related searches on Google, assuming you are logged into your account). There is room for improvement: right now the share information with +1 is a little rough and imprecise, and the buttons take too long to load. I’ll improve that by adding metadata to each article tomorrow, as well as tweaking the JavaScript. (I also realize that the social media buttons are now unattractively out of alignment: I’ll tidy that up in the pure HTML5 version of the blog, currently under development.)

With the removal of the “Recently Updated Articles” section from the sidebar several months ago, I’m under the impression that people assume that articles on this site remain static and unchanged once they are published. While most blogs take this approach of placing past articles in cold storage, it is not a practice I follow: entries here are being constantly revised, extended, updated and (on the very rare occasion) corrected. As always, your suggestions, comments and feedback are very welcome!

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