Like civility, expectations are a two-way street: as a teacher, it would be both unfair and hypocritical to have standards for students and not live up to similar expectations as an instructor. These are mine:

  • To arrive prepared and on-time for classes, with the understanding that faculty meetings, classes that run back-to-back and student demands may mean I arrive exactly on time to begin class. However, I will always attempt to arrive somewhat early.
  • To be available to answer questions and give assistance. Depending on my schedule, this may be after class; I will always be available during my office hours. Otherwise, students are welcome to call or write to make an appointment.
  • To know the answers to questions that are not covered in this material, and if I don't know the answer, to find out as quickly as possible.
  • To reply with alacrity to communication; as much as possible, within two working days.
  • To inform students as early as possible if class is canceled for any reason. Students will be informed of the cancellation of classes via official eMail, but notification will also be made via Facebook and Twitter status updates. Please check these regularly.
  • It is my responsibility to make the class as engaging as possible. This material does not have to be dry or boring: together with what students bring to the classroom, I will try to make it adventurous and fun.

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