Yesterday my 2nd year students graduated from the two-year NMPD program. I’ve mentioned in the past that the work they produced while in my classes was the best I’d ever seen. Now the torch passes to the 1st year students, who will return to my classes after summer vacation.

Considered in its entirety, the work of the 1st year students was not quite to the standard set by the graduates, particularly in design. I am unsure as to why: perhaps a lack of ACAD refugees, who brought a greater aesthetic sensitivity to the classes?

Perhaps a different group dynamic? Whatever the reason, it will be my job next semester to grow an awareness of design while teaching , which will be an interesting challenge.

There were, however, some wonderful exceptions to this rule; a gallery of the best work from the 1st years is shown below.

Trevor RamageAna KarinnaTrevor KorolNicole BergdahlChirsten KleinLogan WhitePortfolio site by Morgan GarvinDave JookhuuBrendan PittmanJonathan GraderKaleigh Campbell

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