Photograph of fresh-baked cookies and a thank-you card

(The fruit, that is: the traditional gift for a teacher at the end of a class).

With the exception of my first year of teaching at SAIT (during which I did not sleep at all), this winter has been the most grueling I’ve experienced: in addition to full-time classes, I have been developing new course curricula, updating this blog, and teaching four nights a week. That commitment has meant very long days, and very few opportunities for activity outside of work, sleep, eating, and exercise.

None of this is a complaint, and all of it is worthwhile: my pleasure in seeing student exhibits at showcase this last week prepared with such care; the pride I feel in those about to graduate, who have produced some of the best work I’ve seen in twelve years of teaching; and receiving thoughtful gifts like this card and cookies, left by one of my night class students.

I’ve also been very touched by the number of students who have asked if I am teaching over the summer; I’ve had to regretfully disappoint them. The summer is my chance to recharge and re-evaluate; I will resume teaching in late August.

This blog will continue to be updated; its variety may grow over summer, but I shall keep adding daily content as long as it continues to inform and entertain.

(And yes, that is a USSR Cold War Unicorn on my desk. And yes, it has impaled a koala.)

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