Notepad++ is a free, open source, and well-regarded alternative text editor: you might think of it as "Notepad on steroids". Being an open source product, setting up the program is slightly quirky.

First, download and install the program as normal, if necessary – there's no need to change any of the installation options. At the end of the process, Notepad++ will give you the option of running the program. Do so, and then make the following changes. (for this example I'm using version 5.8.7):

  1. New Document SettingsUnder Settings on the menu bar, choose Preferences.
  2. In the New Document/Default Directory tab choose the UTF-8 without BOM option in the Encoding sub-section. You may want to set up HTML (or your language of choice) as the Default Language option immediately below this section before closing the window.
  3. Under Settings on the menu bar, choose Style Configurator.
  4. Notepad++ Font SettingsIn the Font Style sub-section, choose a font and size that you can read easily.

    Ensure that Enable Global Font and Enable Global Font Size are turned on.

    Click Save & Close.

    Make a new file (CTRL-N) and under the View menu, turn on Word wrap.

That's it. There are many other options and possibilities in Notepad++, but those are the basic settings required to get you started in making web content with the program.

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