I have deliberately left comment functionality off the blog until now for several reasons: lack of content, lack of opportunity, and the desire to create something a little more personal and community-oriented.

While the community aspects are still to come, as of today I have implemented a basic system to signup for an account, leave a comment, login and logout. (You must be logged in to leave a comment, but comments can be read by anyone who visits the site).

This is very much a beta system, with many improvements to features to come:

  • An enhanced account profile, including pictures, portfolio and contact information.
  • Personal favorites, so you do not have to use the blog menu or search to relocate material.

Current students and graduates are strongly recommended to use their real names when signing up, and to keep the username recommended in the form: it will make replying to questions much easier.

Please keep your comments on-topic, and in the context of each article; general inquires or urgent messages should continue to be sent to my email, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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