A row of ice-covered trees in winter

Yesterday I was reminded by a reader’s eMail that not everyone follows me on Twitter. The reader’s message was simple and reasonable: where have updates to thenewcode.com gone?

In brief, then: my father died in early March after a short, terrible illness. I live in Canada, but was born in New Zealand, so much of February and March was occupied with flying to and from my home country.

The death of my father has hollowed me out: returning to Canada I’ve found myself unable or unmotivated to do or care about much at all. Writing projects - including this site - have fallen to one side, along with everything else creative.

I am taking care of myself: this past week, I’ve managed to get back to regular exercise. The slow melting and warming around me - it is now spring in Canada - helps. But heart-shot grief, I am discovering, is a slow, painful process.

In May, June and July I will be returning to New Zealand to help take care of my mother; I don’t expect to contribute to thenewcode.com then, or in the month before. I am hopeful that my passion for web development and life itself will return, with time, but I can’t guarantee or predict when.

In the meantime, of course, this site remains for your use. One motivator for me to at least redesign it is the fact that Disqus (the service that I use for comments) will be including advertising in the comments area unless I pay them, which I refuse to do. I’ll be moving into an open source system like Discourse, possibly integrating the new Web Annotation Data Model, in the next version of the site.

Photograph by Greg Westfall, licensed under Creative Commons

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