Tonight (Wednesday April 15) is the first night of the New Media Production & Design graduate showcase. Previously, I highlighted the best web development students from this year’s graduating class, but there are several students specializing in design and photography who deserve mention also.

Lorelei Vanderheide

Originally from the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Lorelei is a designer and photographer who's creative passion has driven her to an career in graphic design, 3D modelling and motion graphics. In her spare time, Lorelei is an avid hiker, lover of the outdoors, and a committed youth volunteer.


Jenelle Ball

A graphic designer specializing in layout, printmaking, logos, branding, illustrations and icons. When Jenelle is not working, you can find her exploring the wilderness and reading about science.


Michael Benz

An accomplished photographer, Michael also creates branding and designs as a freelancer.


Jesse Holliston

Jesse Holliston is an illustrator and graphic designer, with a particular appreciation for beauty in design.


Megan Crandall

Born and raised in Golden, BC, Megan moved to Calgary to specialize in design and web development. When she isn’t busy with school work, Megan is snapping pictures and drinking tea.


Mickey Smith

Mickey was raised in Calgary and specializes in graphic design. Her skills include design, illustration, animation and cinematography. She brings a vintage and retro style combined with a sleek look to many of her creations.


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